Water Damage and REstoration

Water damage can be the result of broken pipes, overflows, sewage backup, leaky appliances, or even flooding from hurricanes or other natural disasters. It’s critical to address water damage as soon as it’s detected. Left unaddressed, water damage can be extremely destructive to your home and possessions, and can quickly result in dangerous mold. Time is of the essence!

Your home is likely your most important possession and is full of irreplaceable treasures, documents, photos and more. Act quickly to keep your home and your family protected.

A delay in water extraction and drying can lead to damage to your furniture and important documents, costly structural damage, and potential hazards like electrical shock, collapsing ceilings, and more. Call your local specialists at Ambar and get the trained help you need within hours.

Ambar Mold Restoration professionals will identify the problem, stop the source of the leak, extract any standing water, dry out your home using the latest equipment and technology, and get your property back to normal. They will also work with your insurance company to help you get the maximum coverage  your policy allows.

Safety First! Always use common sense regardless of the scope of the water damage. Wet surroundings can cause electrical hazards. If possible, turn off the power to affected areas of your home, only IF your electric panel is in a dry area.
For more tips, download our “Checklist of Things to Do Until Your Water Remediation Specialist Arrives.” 

Call Ambar Mold Restoration now and let our water damage technicians get started.  You’ll be glad you did.