Sanitation and Storage

Water damage can occur in many ways. Flooding from a natural disaster like a hurricane is not uncommon in Florida. Other common causes are broken pipes, sink or tub overflows, leaking appliances, air conditioning condensation, clogged drains toilets, or even sewage back up. Any amount of water damage can also put your home at risk for dangerous mold.

Flooded carpets are often difficult to salvage since the water may have contained contaminants, The same applies to flooded carpet pads. Your restoration company can help clean wall finishes, woodwork, and floors that are salvageable using professional disinfecting cleaners and HEPA vacuums, They will use professional dryers to dry the areas as quickly as possible.

Ambar Mold Restoration will customize our sanitation and storage services based on your needs. We’ll help you salvage as much of your contents as possible by professionally sanitizing the items that require it, packing any possessions that may need to be removed from the house while the house is dried, or treated for mold, transporting the possessions to the storage facility of your choice during the remediation, and returning and unpacking when the cleanup is complete.